Reviews for "Wanna Read Manga"

Can't tell if

Pedo or just that Nerdy

But seriously, I can't help but see this and laugh my ass off. I imagine it as one of those old school dating video things. And that all this occurred in his mother's basement


Not feeling this animation, I think it's poorly made as seeing how short it was and the concept.
Please try again.

Haters gunna hate

I think these people realize you found this on audio portal and then made it. But all that I have to say to the haters is that the hateraid is on a different video that you didn't make, go find it!

Funny and creepy

Very funny, but it's too short

Its great.

The way you took an audio track and animated it reminds me of DOT DOT DOT. And the use of the musical tracks tied it together nicely.