Reviews for "H3I5T"


like what you did to the medals! :Db

Fun game, nice animation

I enjoyed this game a lot. It's fun, not too easy or overly complex, and features some excellent animation. Author obviously pays a lot of attention to detail - excellent for your first game!

Pikanjo responds:

Hey Kon, I just hope you like the intro :) Seems the game is definitely only for particular people :/


How do you get the numbers on the keypad powdered?

10 stars just for the 3-D NG tank at the beginning

Cool game. Keep it up.


Lol so many people are giving this a star just because they are jelious that not all games are in English ^^
anyway, good game i like that its Russian..
Ps. theres something between the legs of the woman in loading screen.. you can see it when she moves lol :DD