Reviews for "H3I5T"

pick lock

how do i pick teh locks!? i must be stupid if its in there somewhere


the best 3d game, but its as hitman a litlle, no; and the girl is very very sexy ^^


One of the best games on newgrounds
the 3d engine works quite well for flash and the puzzles were quite good,
I enjoyed exploring the area and trying to collect everything, also liked the effort put into the russian

some of the puzzles might need an explanation at the start and a simple list of objectives when you open the inventory might help people feel more focused,

the one thing that annoys me the most is that this game wont get rated at highly as it should due to all the retarded people on here who wont even give it a chance because its not some stupid click as fast as you can game or doesnt have the same controls as other games,

I hope you make a squeal and maybe add in some sort of exp system for a skill tree or a shop of some kind

Despite some russian language flaws.

It' s rather interesting game, It was certanly hard but extremly addictive , and main character , let' s just say, for some reason I cannot stop staring at her.

I like it!!

Now that you can edit the controls its much better... and another thing, what has to do if you are or not a comunist, to do a good game... sorry for my english. greetings from argentina