Reviews for "H3I5T"


the best 3d game, but its as hitman a litlle, no; and the girl is very very sexy ^^


IS THIS A GAME OR A >>>>>>>>>>>>>>...

Despite some russian language flaws.

It' s rather interesting game, It was certanly hard but extremly addictive , and main character , let' s just say, for some reason I cannot stop staring at her.

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Very good.

Well, this by no means a small project. Very impressive work. Great job doing the whole thing by yourself, or at the least the major portion of it.

The problem here is that you completely ignored some of the basic game design strategies to keep your players hocked. Games in general are fun to play, but players tend to hate it when they constantly get confused or frustrated. And believe me, isn't not that hard to achieve that.

For example you didn't walk the player through the game mechanism. You threw him in the middle of the game and let him figure out how to play by himself. Usually you would set up the level in a way to increase the difficulty the more the player advance, giving him the chance to practice the game control without dying every 2 seconds :P I can see how putting this idea in your game could be hard because you will need to shift a lot of stuff. It would have been easier to make a practice level where the player goes one room at a time, learning one thing after another.

Another example is the lack of hints. Your puzzles were great but I kept wondering how I was supposed to figure some of them out. A small cut scene would have solved this problem. For example, I brought the donuts thinking I was suppose to use them on the keypad, only to discover by accident (after killing about 20 guards) that I was suppose to let the guard pick them up. A small cut scene of the hot hero holding the donuts, then examining her hand to see the donut powder with her saying something like "the boys will love these" could have helped. I know cut scenes are a real time consumer to make, but the ones you make are worth watching :)

In short, the work you made was at a professional level, but the mistakes you made weren't. As a costumer I would be willing to pay for a game of this caliber as long as you avoid all the annoying mistakes.

At the end everything was amazing. The game, the graphic and the hero were great. If there is a second h3i5t game, I'm definitely playing it :)

Cheers :)

Pikanjo responds:

Thanks, I think you summed up what I've learned from this game's reviews. I'll take what I can get, and this has really been a good learning process. I'm hoping to make another 3D game, but I'm hoping I can get an artist to split the work with.