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Reviews for "2 Friends Play Minecraft"

nice film

make more

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

From the passion that went into this review, we will have to strongly consider it.


'Twas quite nice, actually. A few improvements here and there, and things will be fine. I think you could make a serie of this.

Artwork: Not the best, but will do. Try adding a bit more detail here and there.
Animation: Not that good, try getting it a little bit smoother.
Music: Voices were good, but maybe a better microphone will improve it.
Story: Overused joke, but it was fun to watch.

4/5 7/10 for you. Nice job.


This movie was fantastic! I love Minecraft and play it all the time, and you my friend have just made me love it even more! Props to minecraft bro!

Ren and Stimpy reference!!

I haven't heard one of those in years! Plus this movie was fun, and pretty accurate when parodying that game. My nephew played it while I watched, and... yeah, I was lost, but so was he, so a good time was had by all! Plus I love your accents, but what about the poor sheep!!?? Sequel maybe, if you guys survive the night of the zombies? Please?

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

I kept telling myself no oe would get the Ren & Stimpy reference. To see in the first review, and first few words even, "Ren and Stimpy reference!!" was brilliant! Cheers.