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Reviews for "2 Friends Play Minecraft"

Всегда так было жалко Бедси

A fun filled minecraft experience

Haha I got a good kick out of this one, I love the voices and there is some good comedy between the characters so nice work indeed, I like your stylish element you push forward while still keeping the minecrafts style, It for sure is A fun filled minecraft experience that you have created here and I had fun watching and even reviewing this fun filled minecraft film, and hope you make more of these.

Make more of these


I once had a friend who was legitimately offended at the sheep dying and I had to calm him down. I watched this one as a kid, before I even had the game. It's a classic.

Betsy no...
Would be higher if Betsy lived.

I couldn't stop laughing,

R.I.P Betsy