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Reviews for "Snailiad"


6hrs 52mins AND I FINALLY GET 100%MAP & ITEMS and im still not done with secret rooms. (super secret boomerang room anyone?)

A LOT of thought has been put into the game. If you're looking for a short game (like i was), this MAY not be it. HOWEVER, u just might get hooked! I started off pretty badly and got frustrated with trying to move around and explore the map but i decided to play for maybe a minute more before i moved on to another game AND SUDDENLY, i found myself a secret room.

Gameplay is pretty smooth and characters are really interesting (a turtle wants pizza and be a musician, some snails just want to have a lil free fall:D). The storyline's ok and it doesn't take over the game.
It takes a little time to get used to the controls (esp with gravity snail) but once you get the hang of it you'll be flying all over the place (literally).

I guess the one downside would be the time spent on playing the game, but it's worth it! (just try to finish any work you have first(: )

One advice to people starting would be TO GO CRAZY EXPLORING FIRST. It'll be easier to get the map out first then figure out on getting to hug walls (and find hidden rooms) and power ups and hearts and fragments etc.

Its OK

Its not AMAZING! its OK. its a cool old-fashioned sortve game. gj though


Whoa whoa whoa! This game wasn't boring the moment I started playing it and suddenly I felt the urge to play all the way to the first boss! You did an awesome job in making this Flash game! Bravo!

It'd be more interesting if you can make all bosses in the game talk before they fight, to contribute to the game's story. Try that when you make a sequel in the future! =]


very interesting wall climbing concept. this is a fun shooter to play whenever I'm bored haha. although it's missing that "something" that most games have... I can't quite put my finger on it...

good game

I liked it.