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Reviews for "Snailiad"

This reminds me so much

of blaster master, when the birds started showing up I knew just how much it was like it. Good job.

Awesome Game

beat easy mode in 18 min and 46 sec (i bet somebody could beat this or already did)

Now for my review:
it's a pretty nice game, i find it to be pretty much similar to metroid. it's got nice weapons, abilities and a nice concept towards gravity.
oh, storyline's a bit nice too and the final boss is just epic.


as i said in my last review it is an awesome game. but i just accidently started a new one. i really think you should be able to have more games going on the same time. but now i am going for slug mode! oh and if there will be a nr. 2 please add a flame whip!

A REAL 10/10 game.

I loved the map completion. It was a challenge, but it requires patience and a little luck instead of reflexes and strategy. BTW I beat slug mode, but I can't beat buss rush! So frustrating! The game is fun, though, and I've played it on every difficulty.

Great Game!

Seriously tough on slug mode, but still, 10/10 and 5/5.

P.S. I'd say this game is similar to Endeavor and K.O.L.M., with it having similar power ups and abilities, not to mention the big pixels and gameplay.

P.P.S The games on top are my favorite (including yours).