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Reviews for "Robinson Crusoe: The Game"

Survivor: The Flash Game

Apparently, there is a lot of frustration with this game in how it leaves you stranded on a desert island and leaves you only ten days to gather the materials you need to defend yourself from a tribal onslaught of cannibals, and make no mistake, it certainly is. Of course, this is a game that forces you very much to explore your environment to learn every thing you need to know about the game and how to beat it, so you can see how some people may whine about not having enough time to prepare or find anything, because three game overs is just the limit with some people. This game also allows you to fast forward the speed, so you can move as slow or fast as you want, but you might want to keep it at the slow setting so as not to die. The game may be paused as well to give you a chance to review your stats and materials. Nevertheless, if you're up for a real game of Survivor, I highly recommend this.

But for those of you who tend to come into games like a deer staring at high beams, here are a few tips to help you along the way:

1.) Go along the beach to collect every single item along the shore, especially the tools, bucket and Bible.

2.) There are only a few buildings in the game that need concern you: the altar, the rope maker, maybe the well, the plank house (it's in the first building tab), and the fortress, which you might end up building at the end of the game depending on your efficiency.

3.) As soon as you collect the tools, start collecting materials. First you want wood, and lots of it. You want to cut down about 30 logs over the 10 days, because 8 of those are going to the plank house alone. Once you got a good 10 logs, build the plank house and altar, and pray to the altar every day before and after bed (I'm not one for religion myself, but within this game, it's as important as eating and sleeping, so do it). If you can go without a well (water can be acquired at the river on the far left of the screen), that's fine, because you will need that stone to construct the fortress, and you can find all the stone you need in the upper-right corner of the level.

4.) As you're going through the game, be sure to collect lots of food. A bunch of coconuts will work so long as you keep all your other stats up. If you encounter the apple trees, SAVE THE FRUIT, don't bother with the seeds, and only eat the apples when your stats get too low or you're on the brink of death. Speaking of food, make sure you skin and kill the deer in the game as their hide and meat will serve you well.

5.) If you were fastidious in your labors--collected materials, maintained high stats, and of course, built your structures--you should have a fortress days before the cannibals come, which will give you time to build other structures as well as look for Wilson along the beach. If not, then may Wilson take pity on you.

Stupid Dog

Fun and challenging game but I hate the dog following me around not being helpful and not needing food or water.... not letting me eat it.

problems with it

the fact the game doesn't really have a tutorial guide is a bit irritating, allowing the player to just guess and play a couple times before they die within 1 or 2 days. No idea how to operate controls or construct buildings. Sure it's fun to make things difficult for a laugh. but when you want people to enjoy a game that makes it difficult on the start, it ruins the atmosphere and returned interest of future players. Try not to Frustrate your audience the first day and give them a list of objectives and a slower timer on the Water/Food/Happyness/etc.

Love it

But it needs like a survival mode or something where you try to survive as long as you can. After awhile i had everything built and had nothing to do. One of my new favorite games.

plz ignore retard reviews on this being impossible

Many reviewers seem to have concluded that the game is too hard to be enjoyable. Granted, it's hard enough that no one is liklely to survive on their first playthrough. Or second, or third. But after a couple of playthroughs to really understand the mechanics, and a couple more to note where everything is and develop a strategy, the game is definitely winnable. I just wish there was at least a vicotry screen of you whooping the cannibals afterward.

Thank you for making a game that is actually fairly challenging, and please continue doing so despite the whining of the inept and their tendency to vote games down if they aren't able to finish them on the first or second try. Perhaps it's possible to make games difficult without having them ragequit after losing the first couple of times -- maybe have a help screen that pauses the game while they can look over a list of all the structures and their effects and their building requirements, or offer a new strategic tip after each time they die or something -- but that certainly goes beyond what would be expected of anyone in a gamejam timeframe.

BTW: no way I believe that this game could've been made in just three days :p