Reviews for "Robinson Crusoe: The Game"


The fact this was made in 3 days blows my mind. So much polish, humor, and it's fun to boot.

Awesome work guys.

Jazza responds:

thanks dude, i love you


The overall game was pretty good and polished given the time period, but I wanted it to go for longer! After surviving the first cannibal attack, perhaps you could have included some sort of "free play" mode, or maybe a game type where the cannibals attack you every 10 days or something similar. It was a good game, but I wanted it to be longer!

Jazza responds:

good point, and i agree... but how much can you expect from a game made in 3 days? lol

larry :P

This game simply fun. I like how hard to survive and how the fortress builds up and life getting easier.

The graphics and controls are just perfect, I didn't find any error in them.
Interesting fact that Robinson just looks like Larry and its dog is similar too :D I know this isn't a coincidence :) After this I go and watch Larry episode :D

The gameplay is challenging, I think its a good idea to have an order in getting materials from sources like trees and animals. My only problem that at first its a little too easy to die. But I got used to it :)

Overall this is a really good game, I think it has a chance to become 1st of the day. I wish it is!

Doesn't work for me

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Jazza take on old classic

It would help if you had a tutorial in the game, because finding the water source and food while at the same time building a shelter is challenging, but maybe that's just me. But still, it's a fun game, a great entry in the game jam.