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Reviews for "L.A. Noire: Deleted Cases"


The jokes are...meh. I get it, i totally get it. But they are still dull none the less.
You always know how to make the faces look great, and that is what i think takes the cake. Attention should be paid to more then just a "pretty face."
Like, compared to the faces, why are the hands drawn like mittens? The jokes are not laugh-out-loud funny, and there is little animation. Though i did enjoy watching it, I don't see myself coming back to see it again.


great animation, lacking everything else

Just goes to show graphics arent everything, i guess im just not the 12 year old i once was to enjoy the 'humor'.

The Jokes Were So Funny...

That even the guy doing the voice for Cole's partner laughed at some parts. Offensive, yes, but I don't think they were outta line.

I laughing still, great one, and reflects on the open racism of the 40's.

Fantastic animation and great jokes!

The animation in this is very well done (or more so the drawings themselves). The racism was a bit of a gasp moment, but then again it's based on the 1940s and Cole's partner really is a dick like that, so very well placed! Get's funnier each time I watch it!

Oh man, I needed that

It's probably a bad sign that a set of racist and misogynistic jokes actually made my day but I honestly don't care. That was cleverly animated, that brief rag-time music during the intermissions was perfectly selected and the presumptions seemed like a great play on those made by some of Cole's partners in-game.
Nicely done good sir.