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Reviews for "Laser_Cannon-2"

like it

Cool and fun little puzzle shooter.
I will have to say i agree with deose's review except i found the walkthrough
balloon only a minor annoyance.
At first i was like "why would you put those annoyingly ugly ferbee things in your
game?" then "ooh, because you vaporize them!"

Very good

Enjoyable and fun! I love how they just stand around waiting to be killed :D

Enjoyed it.

So cute, they all must DIEE.
Got a bit tricky there, loved how you added some timed things in there.

Goddam furbeez

Goddam them all

Good, but annoying

Everything that has to do with the game is really fun. The "You're stuck? Check out the walkthrough!" Balloon is SUPER annoying though. I try to get as little shots as possible, so if I mess up the first shot I reload. But after like 2 reloads it tells me to click the solution. I don't want to, but it keeps notifying me and there is no way to turn it off. Huge Annoyance.