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Reviews for "Laser_Cannon-2"

A relaxing game

Good for a bit of time wasting, although none of the puzzles are especially difficult. One bug I noticed is that your scoring system awards the full 350 points only if a certain number of shots are taken in the level. But when you achieve less than that number of shots the game actually awards you less points. A result I suspect of the scoring system only checking the absolute value difference between the par and user shots and awarding score based on that number.


I love this little puzzle game, its fun, inventive and a little life consuming when you start playing it. The only thing I might add is a little gore, its rated T and theres nothing really teen about it.

Very addicting...

You've done a great job!Part one was fun,but this is awesome.The graphics are nicely done,but that music becomes annoying after some time.You should put more songs.Also it doesn't have a lot of story.We need a reason to kill those fluffy things.Put some medals in it to make more challenging.Good job on getting front page!Keep on making great game like this one and Level Editor(my favorite game made by you).


A great Shooter game, and the graphics are all cartoony; I love that.
The moving of the cannon and charging are new concepts that I haven't seen overall.
A great job!

Fun game

Fun to play it get addict after the first level. Awesome game thanks from submission