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Reviews for "Futura Get's Busted"

Now I feel like I'm being a hater.

This is your second flash that I am reviewing for the day, and it's pretty much the same exact thing as the first one, just with Filmation characters... Once again, call me conceited, but I think there should be more of a point to these types of flash games then a few buttons that allow you to flirt with the girl with the eventual simulated release... I can understand having this as a mini-game in a date-sim, because by all means, a good lovin' is a part of a relationship, however minor or big you make it. And it can by all means actively effect a relationship inside a date-sim enviroment, but I don't think this type of thing stands well by itself. Hmm, this opens the idea to a Ghostbusters game with a built in fully featured date-sim... Please know that I am not intentionally rating your products low because of some bullshit bias, but simply on my personal views. I by all means think sex mini-games can be part of a fully featured game, but do not stand well on their own.

JoSilver responds:

Well said and true... But you are expecting far too much from this. It was never meant to be something huge or even New or Exciting. It's simply meant to be what it is.

If I wanted to make a full on Dating Sim I would but I don't wanna make a Dating Sim. It's simply was done for the novelty of it, there is a ton of content like that on internet and Newgrounds.

It's small and something to look at for a minute... nothing more.