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Reviews for "Futura Get's Busted"

You're just using the same model with small tweaks

Come on man, when are you gonna try something harder like how you said you'll try animating the flow of hair? It can be done in Flash.

H-Flashes are works of art if you show some more effort man. Sure using Flash is actually very hard for some people.

But you've used the same model in almost 3 times now. Add some perspective and depth.

JoSilver responds:

I know your right but this was something small. It's not that I'm not trying new something but this is what got finished first. I was really just doing this for the sake of doing because I need a break from ofher things. I really didn't want this to be anything special.

I really don't want people to gauge my skill or work ethics based on this. The big stuff is come sometime but this isn't it.

i guess it was ok

overall it was a good game but it needs a little more positions

Not bad. The animation is nice, the music is cool and I just really like the background. The only things that slightly bothered me were the ways the tentacles look a bit too... how do I put this..... bendy? It looks kinda like they need to be smoother. Also the way the hips go from super slim to less slim with the magic of a belt. Other than those two things the game is quite nice. Good job ^-^


its really fun i love it

Very nicely animated. It's just too bad the girl looked like shit. Her waist was creepily small and her hair stood straight up. She is very disproportional. That waist is such a turn off, if that were changed I would have no problem with this. Could deal with the hair and the stupid latex gloves.

JoSilver responds:

You must hate Filmation, don't you?