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Reviews for "Man Man 3"

best so far

must make more..... not enough randomness




ahahah that ending made me laugh pretty hard, everything else was pretty funny :D
Animation wise it was great, fairly flawless although too long pauses sometimes (I suffer from this also) but you know overall it was funny, I like this kind of humor so yeah!

On the other hand, I would like to see something with more of a story, like- not really just random miss haps that somehow intertwine with each other. Not saying that insultingly at all, more though that I know you can make something really amazing if you sat down and wrote a story! I think fantasy would suit you.


Damn Xander you really have come a long way since the very first Man Man lol, I love this one its very funny and random which is what Man Man is all about and if anyone thinks that this is childish and stupid obviously has problems with maturity because even a grown man can have a sense of humor and they are most likely afraid to show theirs because they want to be "Mature" well don't listen to them Xander, you have great potential from what I've seen and I was only in your class for about a month. Anyways keep it up I can't wait to see more.


It was the best by far, in terms of animations that is, but I would like some more randomness. In short terms, I would like it to be longer. Otherwise just keep up the awesome work. And if submit something in the future you could look at it and see if you think I have gotten better, and then maybe I could be in on Man Man 4 (if your planning it that is :3)