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Reviews for "Man Man 3"

lol funny

good animation made me laugh several times. Great job

hilarious! redfeather and spazkid are douchebags!

i saw nothing wrong with this animation. it made me giggle a few times, but cmon guys! wtf is up with you picking on these kids! their animating is obviously better than yours by far and you are all just jealous. so go crawl back in ur mamas ass and die so no one has to hear ur bullshit.


don't know what these retards are talking about this was pretty funny 2 me and the animation was great.......and if u dont agree with that u can go suck a fat one

the music

it reminds me of pokemon. lawlz. it made me laugh. i give you an internetz. one. only one.

No bad

First of all, I dont want this review to be a complaint of another review that I disagree with, but I can help but say just a few words regarding Redfeather.

I don't agree with your review for multiple reasons. First, I don't think you can call these artists bad because you yourself have only contributed voice work, no art, to the portal. I understand that you don't like it, but I think calling these artsits autistic and worthless pieces of shit fuck is a little to much.

I apologize for that complaint. As for the movie that I'm reviewing, I must say that is lacking in certain areas. I didn't find most of them particularly funny, but some of them gave me a chuckle. I do think the animation could use a little work, but it is much better than the majority of content on this site.

I encourage you all to continue working, and I look forward to more of this stuff :)