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Reviews for "SS - Chakras"

nice one

Considering the complexity of the theme you managed to put it in easy words in rather short animation.
I deem this a very interesting topic. There sure is a lot more stuff happening in the body than we can proof now.
In my view the chakras and energy flows are a popular sum up of these yet scientifically undiscovered things.


You told so much in such a short time. Could you please tell what is the name of the song, that is at the and?

I have to admit!

I was raised in a skeptic home, my parents raised me to shoot everything down that I was suppose to think was unnatural or not "Military" grade. But man, I tell you, I have been having chest pain for a long while now, and I decided to try the Green chakra, and put on a green shirt without undergarments beneath, and I have to say, I haven't had an ounce of chest pain since I put it on... You really have blown my mind man! True MINDGASM! I have really been putting a lot of thought in my chakra's lately, and stumbling upon your lessons, really bring to light that, I need to be paying attention. Thank you so much!

this is so interesting

I love your vidoes like this make more


Watching this has gotten me thinking perhaps i need a boost in some areas. I have a question though, Would black effect some of the points?