Reviews for "Pixeland"

I simply adore this game!

You've just successfully combined MeatBoy and the classic "step on the blocks" concept! Can't wait for that sequel!

starBlinky responds:

Thank you :)

OMG man!!

Haha when i started to play i didn't know what to expect but it was one of the most amazing games i've played in NG... There are a few details i would like to change tough, like the controls, some times it doesn't respond, and it's to short man!... Beside that you made an excellent work... Kudos!

starBlinky responds:

Well thank you very much sir!

There seems to be a lock up issue with the controls according to some of the reviews, perhaps try using ASDW+SPACE instead of arrow keys, see if that fixes it.

Unless you're talking about the slight delay when trying to move off of a wall, that is actually a feature that makes it easier to wall jump.

damn this is hard

this game is just like super meat boy and that game pisses me the f*** off

God this is hard!

I played Super Meat Boy,and this gets a level of MEAT BOY HARD!Awesome fun game,i got stuck on World 4-2 :D

.. Im Also Young To Play This, Dont Worry I Will Rate..5 STARSSS