Reviews for "Pixeland"

Very nice!!

A fun game and very creative. This game helps us develop intelligence. So good job you done here!!!! ;)
Although, there is a bit of a problems with the the controls. A long time to respond if I need to say. Please fix to before it annoys more people.


This is a tough, yet fun game. I am typing this message while I am stuck on world 3 - level 1. God! This is hard!

im happy with ur insparation choices

but this game is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu** you hard. AND THAT IS WHY IT IS AWESOME!

Great! ops, sorry, Awesome! \รต/

This is what i thinked when i played the challenge of the second world, I Just thinked "wind again, let's go (:" and Bam! Jetpack mode!

I think your game only didn't get a 4.00+ Rank because it's hard for most, and peoples nowadays, think it is a bad thing "I can't b3at you stink!11!1!!!1" Sad Truth :(

I will ADD to favorites and rate it 5.00 everyday :D, i can feel the effort on this

Suggestion: The only thing i could change maybe the character, try to add one personality and unique draw to a next one "some effects when win the map like a smile or a hooray!"

Cya =*

starBlinky responds:

Thank you sir :) You are very kind

And I agree with your suggestion, perhaps in the sequel I will add more facial gestures on the character.

AWESOME.... but HARD!!!

I totally agree with LuxGrounder... this game is awesome, but the character should have a personality.... and, one thing: WORLD 5 IS SO F**CKING HARD!!!

starBlinky responds:


And yep I'll add some facial gestures to the guy in a sequel.
Also lol @ world 5. Good luck ;)