Reviews for "Tsunami Fighter"

this is nice

It's nice that you put the donate now box.I am going to donate $50 to japan. what you did was very caring.thanks very much.

Thank you.

Its good seeing people like you that actually do something other than say Pray for Japan. I believe Japan does not need our prayers, they need our help. I would donate threw your game, but I already gave them $50 which is alot for someone without a job, I really like the fact its a metal game, thats how I found it. Good job


Its nice easy to play I just don't get the point of the controls changing. It kind of annoys me.

kool game

this game has everything i could ask 4 in a game. awsome old school graphics, multiple button mashing, and its for a good cause. Plz donate to help Japan ^_^


this game gets very confusing and fun.People dont forget to donate