Reviews for "Tsunami Fighter"


I may not have donated from those buttons but that's okay! I already donated $10 from texting the Red cross from my iPhone! Great game! I like to make Domo-Kun kill the tsunami!!!! >=3

AH!!My hands

My muscles hurt from flexing and mashing the keyboard keys


DOMOOOO!!!!!! it would be awesome if he was there during the earthquake! :p hehe
awsome game!!! like the one that below me said THIS IS AN ADDICYING GAME!!!!!
the sign of the buttons that needs to be pressed comes out when it already started but i really liked this gane and awesome for a good cause! :)

Addicting and for a Good Cause.

Addicting game, For a good cause, and A great way to raise money for Japan.
The only flaw I saw in the game were the last difficulties last challenge is really... Difficult.

Pretty Good

If Domo saved Japan, then what do we need to donate for? =P

Just kidding, it was a pretty good game and a great way to raise money. Would have given you a 10 if not for a small flaw... The buttons that we have to press only appear DURING each round. When playing for the first time, I didn't know which buttons I had to press. Even in the easiest setting, nobody's reaction time is fast enough to find all the buttons and mash them. This game forces the player to memorize the button compinations for each round, which is annoying. But all in all, great job and I hope to see more of this! (the game, not the disaster in Japan)