Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


i like it a lot, but against computer players I allways won....it can be the best multiplayer game in N.G. because is simple but there is a lot of tactics!make a multi player version .I would play against other peaple and it wuld be rated 11/10!

Interesting ...

The combination of all the elements makes this a simple but complex game. The fact that it is not 3D makes it look primitive, but actual game play suggests fun while offering strategy (And Speed).

Very Well Done. Hats Off To You My Friend!

great game

you should make more of these!!!!!!!


Not just one of the best games on newgrounds, but one of the best around, period! You gonna update the shared levels anytime soon? I pitched a few and wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!

Whats that about a hard level? None were impossible, all were fairly simple, if you had any amount of intelligence. Compared to the other ones like this, I found this one surprisingly simple, to the fact that I was almost dissapointed by the purple alien microbes.