Reviews for "Zombie Face Ripper"

Aside from the lag...

That was actually pretty fun to play! I really think though that you need to fix that lag issue quite heavily.

Solid rail shooter.

The environments are sharp, the gameplay is fun. The game does lag a fair amount, but considering the ambition of this project I guess you'll get that - at least at first. See if you can do something about it, and this will go from a good game to a great one.


was easy and boring until it started to slow up with only like 3 of the zombies on screen and then u hit to duck and it scrolls whole screen down and you die.

you are misleading

needs to be faster and with a name like that i was expecting blood and heads exploding and guts... lots of guts but idea and graphics was good

Pretty good

The graphics were great and I have admit it does bring back the good old days of gaming but maybe try to make it a little more difficult. And I don't know maybe a different gun err something. Overall though very enjoyable great job!