Reviews for "Zombie Face Ripper"

This is great!

Reminds me of the old Time Crisis games, except with zombies! Great work.


The graphics are FANTASTIC! However, it lags quite a lot even on my fast computer, and it's pretty boring. Again, it looks very professional and all, but it's just not a fun game to play.
Also, the music is great too.
The walking times are horribly boring, and it's not a hard game at all. Perhaps you should make a more dynamic game? As always I see great potential, but it's not used to its fullest extent.


The game is nice but could have been made faster.

About time

I do not know how many rail shooters are on Newgrounds so this is my first time encountering one on this site and I must say it is a joy to play. Nice soundtrack that does not get too annoying. Good controls that makes shooting zombies fun and some decent graphics for something that is a flash. It might slow down at times and have some minor glitches like the zoom feature not going where it's supposed too. But it still ended up being entertaining enough that I beat it in one sitting. Great job.

Truly Great

Another fine piece of work here and 95% smooth on my laptop (workstation)
culd use some diffrent music for diffrent levels but still great!