Reviews for "Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2"

I was just going around in circles...

Not a very good strategy, fun game though

Awesome Game

I remember being addicted to the first one way back when. I loved this one with its achievements and stuff. But the only thing I found a little crappy was how sensitive the mouse and the keyboard controls could be, otherwise awesome game, looking forward for more.

to the realgreeneagle:

don't give a bad rating because you have a slow computer. This game works smoothly and perfectly for me. Challenging, but fun.

Love it

really addicting, the artwork is great and the concept is nice.


It;s a decent, if unoriginal concept, but I can't play it. It's choppy, and every few seconds, it just stops for a second, and then starts, then stops agian.

It looks great, but this is a crippling bug.
I'm using Firefox, I've cleared my cache, cookies and such, and updated to the very latest version of flash.