Reviews for "Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2"

Great time

I really enjoyed this, kept me entertained for awhile too so thats good :P

Bad coding

Sorry, but this game is near unplayable to me. It freezes every one and a half seconds completely, making the game horribly choppy. It's impossible to use any sort of finesse when there's that much stop and go.

I know for a fact it's not my computer, as I can play most games on their highest settings no problem. Also if it helps pinpoint the coding problem I'm using IE.

Stupidflashgames101 responds:

Hmmmm thats strange, I'm using IE too and it runs great for me, I get the freeze that you talk about when the game first boots up, but the gameplay runs smoothly for me and on other systems ive tried on. I'm sorry you weren't able to get the experience that you were meant to get.

my leg, my beautiful leg!

keeps intersting by changing direction of beams and powerups. I like the fact that characters are not just for show and actually add different advantages. just like pokemon - gotta catch em all.


but i think there's something missing..

Stupidflashgames101 responds:

any suggestions?

pretty lights

very enjoyable despite how simple it is. Could have used at least a bit of light music in the background.

Stupidflashgames101 responds:

There is music in the background..