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Reviews for "Watermelon Bomb"

Super Addictive and Super cute!

Wow, I can't belive I played this game for an half an hour the premise is simple but so addictive achievements and upgrade make this game a blast to play (no pun intended)

Not bad...

At first I was like >.>
But then I was like :D
The music annoyed the SHIT out of me, and the fruits kept covering my ammount of watermelons... but it was still pretty nice.


This is a great game! XD Although it is rather short, it was still great! Nitsudr, please plan a sequel!! (Of course you don't need to care for this post, but I highly suggest checking out the suggestions of others. Tw1kTarsk1 has an awesome suggestion). Congrats on an awesome game :D

It's good...

Add a mode where we can keep playing after we win and it would be better. Even better, a challenge mode where you get one shot to knock down all the berries on that stage.

It was pretty fun!

The only exception that i didn't like is that there was no 'free play' mode, or for that matter a limit on how much fruit the tree can hold. or after your done you can't even click on any of the buttons.