Reviews for "Meaty Boner"

Graphics are clean...

They don't stop the game from sucking so bad. You can't possibly have expected good reviews for this game.


The graphic and mechanics has a sense of effort. The voice is very clear. Some of the other games I do not see that.

The boner pun got old fast. And It seemed Juvenal at the beginning. It may work for some audience but it did not appeal to me.

The game play was ether too easy or if you die imposable. I was skimming though the game but then I fell off the pit and lost all that "meat" so I am pathetic to my enemies and had no chance. I started over and played again shimming though without falling and it was too easy. The boss I have to hand to you was a challenge but not much of one. It took me time to figure out his weakness. The other thing that can improve in the future is to allow the character look down. I was not sure if there is a pit beneath me. I was staying on the low ground for that reason.

You do seem like a good potential in game making so I hope you make some improvements.

Jazza can do better games than that,was he drunk?

The Boner is draw well,but the decor really sucks!The music is repeated...Short,the game is sloppy and I must note severely


I hope it comes out Meaty Boner 2

kinda borring?

you just get a "that's meaty boner" status, after that you just run through the rest of the levels... and kills the boss.. at first the "boner" joke is funny but after hearing it 4-6 times its just annoying