Reviews for "Meaty Boner"


And,Meaty boner,after eating 3 werewolds,said:Finally i have a penis!

kinda fails

agreed below, its not too original, the movement of Boner sucks too, you can just run through enemies, and the levels are too....boring and repetative


Really bland game. Just run and jump over the enemies and you are set.

Not Very Meaty

The high point of this game is the graphics. The game is well drawn and highly creative. The controls for the most part were smooth, though I did have a couple of times where Boner was standing off the edge of a ledge but did not fall down. The sound effects are good as well. But a good game is one that is playable and draws in the player. In that regard this game failed. There are 13 levels. The first 11 levels might as well be the same; except for the variation in enemies, there is no increase in difficulty. There is no change in the level layout. All one needs to do to get to the end is avoid all enemies, stun the werewolves to power up, and they can easily get to the boss level. This lack of variety had me bored by level 5 when I realized that the game wasn't getting progressively harder.

If there was a variety in the jokes and humor, the game may have been more tolerable. But there are only so many times you can see a Meaty Boner joke before it gets old. For me, it was 3 times.

The spelling errors in the background story pretty much tell it all: effort was put into the look of the game but not the game's playability. I tried to give this game the benefit of the doubt, since it was done in three days by your own admission. I enjoyed the game briefly, but quickly found myself bored. It would have been best as a quick, 3-level game so the player doesn't get bored or annoyed by the repetitive gameplay and humor.


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