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Reviews for "The Social Noobwork"

i cant blame you...its the true


I would be a anti-noob and PWN noobs on facebook. then i would activate a anti-noob shield on my profile. if a non-noob is detected, he can enter. noob = no. then WHOA noobs breaked my shield and i would go get my lazer anti-noob and ZAP ZAP ZAP! there no more noobs. ;)

More than ten.

Thank you for animating what i was thinking.

laughing my large baboon-esque fanny off

Seeing as how facebook's all about "exclusivity" I always love to hear ppl whine about who they allowed onto their friends list. Still, I get one more gawdam'd farmville request... oh, wait, I blocked that app so I don't receive that stuff... NVRMND LOL! I also like that the main character never left his room (unless you count the whole hulk thing at the end? lol) Great animation and silly haters.


I really didn't get it... but it was nice graphics and stuff.