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Reviews for "The Social Noobwork"

I honestly shat my pants

Not much on this website makes me laugh hard. This did. Why? because this fine author spoke the truth about Facebook. Everyone on theres a fuckin twatcopter. And If your a pussy whos giving this guy a low score just because you want to defend Facebook...FUCK YOU!


Thats what the logout button is for...
I understand that facebook is annoying and 99% of the ppl that post on it are annoying, but its as simple as not using it.
Animation was ok, sound was kinda boring, and jokes were kinda boring. but i think with some practice youll do fine.


Not really that funny. if facebook annoys you then why are you on it, or at least why is the guy in the film on it.

I agree it's stupid and boring, but that's why I hardly ever use it. The pathetic one in this film is the guy wasting his time cyber stalking people he doesn't like.

omg, finally someone else thinks so

My expressions exactly, thanks for making this, so ppl kno that we don't need to kno if there taking a shit.

Dick Joke!

Every Newgrounds Flash is never truly complete without a dick joke.

The fact you chose the anti-derivative of penis makes you get automatic 10.
Keep up the good work!