Reviews for "Minecraft by TomatoSoup"

Pretty accurate XD

Yup. Thts minecraft for ya. Oh wait you forgot teh explodin penuses!!!!

Little-Rena responds:

Oh damn, I'll do it in the sequal!

Yeah ok this is bad

really bad dude you need to work on your animation and graphic skills dude

Little-Rena responds:

claygor64 does not have any Portal submissions.

Looks like you need to practice more than me.

Pretty good

The only thing that disturbed me was the shape of the hand

Little-Rena responds:


Okay, lets review this...

GRAPHICS: Horrible. I could have made that flash with Paint.

CONCEPT: The concept of a video about a sandbox game is just... boring.

PLOT: Enter a server, blow up everything, look at what you blew up, get banned. Was it supposed to be funny?

MUSIC: Very annoying.

IN GENERAL: Lazy work. REALLY lazy work. It seems like you wanted to be famous on Newgrounds so you did a flash with no effort. No effort = low vote.

This is what you get: 1/10 0/5

Sorry if im being too rude, but its what this "thing" deserves.

Little-Rena responds:

You can't make flash with paint because you can't add music in paint or export as a swf, but nice try on your attempt to be clever and witty.

Your review is shit.


it reminded me of that i blew up my friends house xD not 1 box of air there. all tnt. that explosion fuck'd up the whole server xD im not kidding xD my other friend that hosted the server had to open the server couple of times and set it on auto play xD

Little-Rena responds:

I've done that before except with my own house and on single player