Reviews for "Minecraft by TomatoSoup"

the tnt and ending were pretty funny, so I'll give you four star's

Idc what the other people said

You did great on this animation and my favorite part was the loading screen youve earned 10 stars from me pal

Little-Rena responds:

Thanks pal


The beggining looked exciting. I thought it was gonna be ok, until the TNT starts decending up into the air. And then, you see a giant gole in the ground, BAM! The end. You knew this was gonna be terrible. You knew people wouldn't like this. Yet once again, you just decided to publish another bad animation.

Little-Rena responds:


what in the world was that!?

the video stunk bad my idea to help is try drawing the animation it's easy to know tnt would blow up a building and to make it more funny make something random happen.
although the loading screen was funny

Little-Rena responds:



people cant give you tnt you make it by god i can make a better minecraft video that would make sense

Little-Rena responds:

Have you ever played multiplayer on minecraft? Maybe you don't know how it works but you can give yourself items if you have the permissions to.

Learn to play minecraft.