Reviews for "F-zero-Mute City-Metaljonus"


Why must I suck so bad at audio? You are truly the king of this!

Man... I went and fivened it, because it fucking rules!

I loved that.... *starts head banging*

Three cheers for Jonus!

Expertly done once again Metaljonus, your work is magnificant. (By the way, I love the way you pan entire channels left and right for the tom-toms). Great solo technique, you're hammer-down pitch harmonics are very solid.

I can remember the last note in the solo that you seemed to hold out, this note could have continued a few more measures followed by a quick fade. It doesn't affect the final quality of the song in any way, it's just my personal critique (If I'm even in a justified position to even make such a statement).

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks man, I could have held the C out for a lil longer but I did'nt :P. Thanks for listening man!


This is really good!

The only piece of Advice I could possible give is that you should tone it down a bit, it's much too loud, either that, or My headphones aren't working how they used to.>_>
I'm giving it a 5 Because I really like your music.
this is the first review i've given you by the way.
And one of the first F-zero songs I've seen here.
Pop down by my page and check out my Audio, do a few reviews if you can!

JonSantiago responds:

Haha, ya I saw that the wav file was a lil maxed out or you have your volume all up loud. :p Thanks for the kind first review and i'll be sure to check your stuff out.