Reviews for "F-zero-Mute City-Metaljonus"

This rocks.

This song rocks. esspesally on guitar!!!


Whoa, great song, great game, and ur a great artist =)

...well this is a first...

This is like the old Mute City isn't it? Yeah, this is the first I've heard of the old version. It's pretty good, and fast. Some work could be done to it of course, but as far as I'm concerned, it's awesome. BTW, the last part threw me off...other than that, well done.


...Just amazing. It sounds even better than the GX version. I liked the synth effects combined with the two electric guitars. It gives an "neo-orchestra" feeling... something like that... just like Metroid Prime 2 with Dark Samus. This song would be great for the next F-Zero on Wii ! Congratulation, sir ! You made me want to download it ! oh and one more thing : what software did you use to do that master piece ?


P.S.: I've made 3 version of Mute city. Please listen to my second version and review. Tell me what I can improve. Thanks for reading this !

Falcon PUNCH

MegaGold's thoughts

The beggining seemed a bit week, till the drums were picked up. The tempo was steady and stayed on a good beat. The ending was okay, something different from the old usual formula. Not my favorite type of guitar used, but the leads weren't too bad. Some minor parts that didn't sound so good and some parts that had an amazing sound. (Please know this is all opinionated on what I think, not a fact)