Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Frustratingly repetitive

How many sticks of dynamite does it take to kill a guy? Does my gun fire paintballs? do those flying stars recharge 0.1% of my health at a time? Why does it take 5 full combos or 40 punches to kills one minion? You can't even combo the muscle guys half the time without getting beat down. I bought 2 power ups, and they seem to slow down the process even further - why do I have to jump 2x before I can do a downward kick? Why do the power moves seem even weaker than regular punches? What a waste of time.

Hard and monotonous

Enemies took forever to die, health was very easy to lose and very hard to get back, and even when you were winning it came down to "bash your two attack keys". I don't know if having new weapons would have helped, they were too expensive without spending actual cash, which I'm not really interested in doing for an ostensibly free game that isn't much fun without pay content.

Great idea, and you can really do something with this, but it needs more options.

Lack of essentials

You got my lower grade. I never pointed so badly, but your game is bad in what it supost to be good.
Its a fight game, and the fighting is the more problematic, if you dont get upgrades (something that takes more then 20 mins) you cant upgrade and get NORMAL skills of other fight games. Also, the exp is very low, you kill any enemy in any difficulty and you get some like 12 exp, something very stupid because the lowest and basic movements cost 1000-1200 and the unnusual movements that have to be expensier are cheap as 300.
Enemys come from everyside and they are STRONGER THEN THE CHARACTER, so where is the fun?

I dont say that if the character is less stronger its not okey, I say that the game in all the difficulties is already very difficult and you have to be a nerd or have all the time of the world to upgrade the character until you really can fight and have fun.

This game isnt adecuate to be in newgrounds, because it need many fixes.
I give you 2, because is already beta (or for me its still beta)


i cant click anywhere either fix it guys pls!!

good idea bad game

could be great