Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"

Yo, Bane Below Me

Not everyone is as good an artist as everyone else on this site expects them to be... But... They are good animators. Evan if they have to use sticks or sprites or evan (Yes i'm about to say it) Madness carictors, it dosn't matter. Its still better than most the sh!t people try to draw and get on here. To all the spriters and stickmen, I salute you.


THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the scene after the credits was hilarious.


I thought this whole flash was great with not just action, but with a little bit of comedy here and there. I actually let out a smirk in that last scene. Great job people, you actually know how to make sticks become epic. :D

I wish I could Animate like this

This is so amazing!

compleatly awsome!!!

luv et oh and what did u use to make this. I rely need to know! its just what i need!