Reviews for "Unwanted Visitors A"


How did you guys know i loved atreyu this is awesome i love everything about this and also one question will you take up some clips from A,B,and C to the full one or will you just shoose the one that has the highest votes?

TeamXHawk responds:

I think you might have misunderstood something here.
StickPage Tournament is split in 3 categories.
Unwanted Visitors C is the collaboration of the beginner category, B is of the intermediate category and A is of the professional category. So these are the final collaborations. :)

Thank you for the great score! :D


those teleport on the end of the first part. could you or anyone make a fighter that use just those things to fight? i found those vary cool. if i could i would rate this 20/10. 11 for the teleport pods and 9 for everything els



When aliens invade,only one man can save Earth..
..and that man,my friend,is the fusion of Drifts,Miccool,and TeamXHawk.

ok completly epic and one other thing thwe bonus see was funny