Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

I had lots of fun!



Extremely fun! I enjoy this a lot!
It's great, and the idea while not the first time I've seen it is definitely the best rendition I've seen in a good while!

My one complaint is that the resurrection items do not work in dungeon crawl mode. Thus having one is utterly useless.

Apart from that, EXCELLENT!


It was worth it just for the song

Absolutely positivily great

This game, sir has everything, it is fast it is fun, graphics are really cute and the ending music is...different and so very true. My only complaint would be that it should be longer. Beat it in 22 days.

O and if you want to beat the dragon more easily (and boring, cause it takes a while like this) Just equip your strongest warriors with a + HP badge-per tile, and lay tiles all over the final level. The dragon is sure to fall. Only problem is, it might take half an hour, but hey, you can go outside and see the sun, or make coffee...mmm...coffee, think I'll have another.
Well anyway, great game, especially the paladins.

great game

yay my first time I beat it within 23 days