Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

it took me a while

its okay but its irretating that when your dudes die they get back to the start oh yeah and i got gold on first try:D

kinda confused

The only thing it will let me do is purchase floors. When I click on a tile it does nothing.

At this point I'm stuck because the people aren't leveling up they're just going through


except my only problem was the AI of the characters sometimes theyll just run around in the dungeon for a minute straight without going to the next level


I know it says that the Adventures are reallly dumb in the game, but good lord man!! It really gets old when they run up and down the same corridor the same time over and over again. Their adorable cutie-ness can only get them so far in my book.

fun but..

after getting down like 8ish floors it gets boring, up to that its fun tho