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Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up playing this once every month or so. It's almost like something jmtb would make.


I felt like the wicked witch of the west or something. "Go my prettys nya nya nya" Then just sit back and watch them slam into the wall.
Best part was the ending theme.

Fun but could be worked on.

I gave it a seven because it was VERY addicting to me but I think a few things could be improved. One would be letting you choose the classes that are going into the dungeon. Another being letting more creativity. And lastly PLEASE make the people smarter. There were several occasions where i watched this dude go back and forth for minutes. Other then a few things it was a creative game. Looking forward to a equal that's better:]


froze my computer twice

Ok Game

I couldn't get all the adventures on the same level or to even start.