Reviews for "Devotion"


God I love the music. And that ending....wow..just wow. That was the first ending to a flash game that left we with a =O expression.

HappyBlack responds:

So I see that you didn't play much art games :D


lovely message. Longer would be nice.

bunch of spam

this is a short and simple game which conveys a clear story. I love games like this. P.S. ..||| ..||| .\.../ ..V that's what she said. hah.

Slightly difficult, but with very many checkpoints. The plot was, although minimalist, amazing. I must admit that I baww'd quite a bit. Anyway, I look forward to more of your games, especially if they're like this.

I loved the amazing narrative, the graphics and the awesome music! the only thing that let it down was the touchy controls but apart from that, Great Game!!!