Reviews for "Devotion"


What is the point about this game anyway?
i mean shoudnl't there be a story in the start?

HappyBlack responds:

In my opinion, past isn't important.
Present is a thing, which you have to take care of.


I'm not sure if you want to consider this an art game, but to me it's very fitting of the basic of what an art game is. It's beautiful, and even if the story is so minimal, you still think about it a lot, even after you finish playing. The level of interaction is perfect, just enough to keep you engaged, but not too difficult or frustrating. This is a wonderful, wonderful attempt at a first game, and I hope you keep making more!

HappyBlack responds:

Thank you very much!
I think it is art game, but it didn't mean to be ;3

sweet ending

and i loved the music great job man look forward to seeing more from you

HappyBlack responds:

Nice to hear it!

This reminds me of "Colour my... " Games,

But sincerely i love this game, and the music really fits it, well done

I love you !