Reviews for "Halo Reach: Armor Locked"

Armor Lock

Its actually what I use, and I'd like to think I use it as a real strategy. Mostly I use it after I kill someone, in case I get stuck, or if I get ambushed, so I don't get assassinated (and maybe even kill them if they're next to me when I release it). I try not to spam it, though it is fun vs ghosts.

About the Flash: It was great, I like seeing animations about games I play, and this definitely has some thought put into it. Loved the shotty camper, and the story was pretty good as well. Bravo.


theres a happy ending if you wait

wow just awesome

watch after credits its not over ^^

shut up!

lpfan a movie doesnt need a good story to be funny ( this one was) and all that shit, i think you just dont know what's funny and not wathever: nice work scott. i didnt play halo reach online yet but the story mode was pretty good and if multiplayer is just like this movie i wanna play soon :D!

Very awesome

I like this idea because i use armor lock over others because just for emergencies
such as grenades,shotgun,sword but i hate when people start using it cause you use armor lock efficient and then start copying you and spamming the living crap out of it.