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Reviews for "Halo Reach: Armor Locked"

ok wow

this was the first time in months, i hadven't written a review for a looong time but this is so awesome i just had to. i love the idea, i love the game, but what i loved the most was the story behind it. sure, it's not complicated but it's beautiful. smooth animations. so pretty good. so simple yet so amazing how only one thing can make a good story line. keep on making. great job

DoomzDayChikn responds:

I appreciate you breaking your silence to leave a good review. It means alot

My god!

Armor lock was the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE until two nights ago when my friend and I got so tired of 6 our of 8 people using it none stop like morons... So we joined in. Multi-team has never been better! Team work with armor lock is absolutely amazing, however, you never see it from anyone else playing. It's sad really.

good animation

lol i know how you feel when people use armor lock the whole time and krazynick528e the guys wife already had a kid when he went in to armor lock and then she had the kid while he was stuck in it


this is the best halo flash i have seen. At the end it was kinda sad. And wile i was writing this review, i noticed at the VERY end he reboots. :D

He was apparently using the prototype Armor Lock.