Reviews for "Madness Czechstination II"

not bad

not bad, but I've seen better collabs

Dobra prace kamo

Hehe, gotta love the Czechs
I'm a foreigner living out of the country but I'm a born half Czech half Slovak. I'd write the review in Czech but my grammar is complete shite. Seeing this in some way reminded me of a piece of home. Thanks guys you made my morning.

Djjaner responds:

Diky kamo.. priste zas

I like it...

And mostly Ellvis and Lubos' parts..


This is my review. Starts with a 10.

Good Music +1
Good Sounds +1
Nothing Bad +1

That was my review. You got a 13! But i can only give a 10...


enjoyed it but seemed a lil to random but oh well,still funny