Reviews for "Madness Czechstination II"

I like it...

And mostly Ellvis and Lubos' parts..


This is my review. Starts with a 10.

Good Music +1
Good Sounds +1
Nothing Bad +1

That was my review. You got a 13! But i can only give a 10...


enjoyed it but seemed a lil to random but oh well,still funny

Ale jo

Dobrá práce, ho%u0161i! 7 bod%u016F za výkon +3 za vlastenectví :-)

loved it

for the most part, this was great and realistic animation, very well conveying the badassness it was trying to. My favorite sequences were the ones from the guy with the red graffiti emblem in the bottom right corner, i couldnt read what it said :P
keep it up, great work!