Reviews for "Madness Czechstination II"

Man to I miss it.

My country. You guys just had to remind me of my motherland. FFFFUCK.
Dj-janer- I loved it, but it was just to fast as always. However you grow more and more as a utilizationist as the days go on.
Ellvis- For a newbie, you have skill. Loved all of em.
Ertomnoun2- didn't see the part you made.
FlorianKiller- it was decent, for a decent animator.
Lubos- You made those posters I made appear in all of the things. I owe you one.
MysterMan948- its was SOMEWHAT decent.
Sunshaft- Music and Animation was more delicious the a chocolate mtn dew bar.
Thebots55- Meh. It was ok.

For some reason I couldnt find any errors, great job guys.

A fellow Czech Republician, TTA.
oh btw, I wanna be in the 3rd.


The music is excellent. The animation is smooth. I also like the way that you showed animator names; some of them were integrated into the scenes instead of just in a text bar at the top.

The only thing I would suggest is that you should all display different drawing styles when doing a collab. Perhaps you were going for synergy between the scenes, but drawing in the same style doesn't showcase anybody's unique talent. Though conforming your style shows discipline, I think it's a better career booster to show off.


pretty good but to be honest i hated thebots animation, way to slow

not bad

not bad, but I've seen better collabs

Dobra prace kamo

Hehe, gotta love the Czechs
I'm a foreigner living out of the country but I'm a born half Czech half Slovak. I'd write the review in Czech but my grammar is complete shite. Seeing this in some way reminded me of a piece of home. Thanks guys you made my morning.

Djjaner responds:

Diky kamo.. priste zas