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Reviews for "Kamikaze blocks"


at first i was realy bored
but now i am adicted to this game
nice job dude

pretty good

i was just trying it out and ended finshing it XD

Addicting!!! I LOVE IT

love the music and the levels do require exercise of the mind and tinkering...
went through the whole thing without taking a break. AWESOME!


Music - 7/10 - I thought that the music made me a little too anxious, most likely because I found the gameplay to be frustrating and the music is calm but upbeat which makes me feel anxious.

Graphics - 8/10 - I really liked the monsters eating the blocks I tossed into the clouds. The blocks weren't always placed correctly (for example a pixel or two above the platform they were supposed to be on) which seemed like poor craftsmanship.

Gameplay - 7/10 - I found that the mechanics of the game were a little hard to grasp, for example the fact that the ideal place to hit a block is inside the block itself instead of just outside it is a bit counterintuitive to me. Also I thought that the levels either required no strategy at all (supplying me with ample ammo) or the type of strategy best undertaken by guess and check.

Overall - 7/10

Pretty good.

Music - 10/10 It fit in perfectly with the game.

Sound Effects - 10/10 The sounds were wonderful. They weren't sudden, as when you make an action, you expect a reaction, and that's exactly what I got. The booms were quite a nice addition to the groovy tunes.

Fun I had while playing - 7/10 When I began the game, this would be considered a 9, but as the levels wore on, it dropped to a 7. For those of us with short attention spans, these games with abundant levels tend to take a toll.

Animation - 10/10 It ran smoothly, the colors were bright, but not so bright it hurt my eyes, and

Length - 8/10 It's a little long, and I got bored by level 26. However, I trudged on as a completionist.

Gameplay - 10/10 How can you go wrong with just one button? The mouse being the only thing you have to use made this game super easy to figure out how to play. The target on the mouse also made it super easy to pin-point exactly where I wanted to hit.