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Reviews for "Kamikaze blocks"

Pretty Good

Overall good game.

It's ok.

It's a nice game, but there's really not much about it that wowed me. It's just a puzzle game. nd the fact that those toxic blocks are never explained makes it a bit annoying.
The BIG gripe I have is that there is no "try again" button. That'ss a huge mistake for any puzzle game. That brought this game down from an 8 to a 6. Why have no try again button on a puzzle game? It just makes no sense

very fun

nice fun good addicting game


couldve been more, and mostly relies on luck even if you do get the shot right

Funny and addictive

Great, I have to do some learning ---- why not bomb some blocks first?!
Cool game, nice sounds. Arcade mode is getting a bit boring though because it is of course quite easy with infinite shots, I definitely prefer puzzle mode.