Reviews for "Zanta Claws III"

Sry but....

...last two years were brilliant this year is not so good, just remember the good old (deadly) jokes and next year will be good, this year i dislike it.

it was ok

i find this piece of work is not realy my kind of, sense of humor.
it's not like your first pieces of work.
(you should add a new character)


absolutely Brilliant
Ed You are a genius


I've been watching the "Zanta" animations since the first, and I've practically seen almost all of edds animations, but, if this really is the end of the zanta flashes, what will ya do for Christmas? :C (besides a flash like X-mas Day or the one with the grim reaper)
anywho, really great, and i loved the "Christmas Demolition" song. :)


I want tom to win next time, TOM wins deal bastard?